Welcome to Employee Rights

full-logo-colorWelcome to Employee Rights

Employee Rights is Connecticut’s leading non-attorney employee advocate agency.  We have successfully advocated on behalf of employees for 28 years. We believe that the employee should be empowered with the knowledge and information they need to protect themselves in the workplace.   No one should have to work in an unhealthy, discriminatory or harassing work environment. Employee Rights is only a telephone call away and you are encouraged to call the office to discuss your workplace issues, so that we may answer your questions, provide you direction and if need be, provide you with general information on where/how to file any applicable complaints.  While Employee Rights is not a law firm and we do not not provide legal services, most issues are required to be filed first with administrative agencies.  Employee Rights will assist you through that process.  If your matter is a more complex issue that requires legal services, no worries, we can refer you to a knowledgeable and reputable attorney.  Employee Rights is an agency that puts the employee first and we provide affordable, passionate and knowledgeable assistance to help you through your workplace issues.

Employee Rights is an advocacy agency that is passionate about the employee and their workplace rights.  Employee Rights truly cares about you and your family. Let us do all that we can to put your career back on track.