Employee Rights & Domestic Abuse


What could Employment Law and Domestic Abuse have in common?  Simply put, one is fighting for your rights and the other is fighting for your life.  Employee Rights knows this it is not an easy time for you.  We also understand the additional stress, fear and worry about having to maintain your employment while you are trying to deal with making life changes and obtaining the assistance your particular situation requires.

What you may not know however, is that back in 2010, the State of Connecticut implemented a law that mandates employers provide any employee who is a victim of domestic abuse up to twelve (12) days of time-off from work without penalty or any other form of an adverse employment action so that the employee can seek medical attention, care, counseling or to obtain services from a victim services organization, for relocation or to participate in any civil or criminal proceeding.  In addition to this State law, there are also protections for you under the Family Medical Leave Act that can grant you up to 12 weeks and/or intermittent leave from your job without fear or worry of losing your job.

If you have suffered any type of adverse employment action as a result of missed time from work due to such a situation as described above, give us a call to see how we can possibly assist you.  If you are looking for support and advice regarding your personal situation, the State of Connecticut provides the following information on how to make contact with a variety of domestic violence resource centers at:  http://www.ct.gov/ag/lib/ag/currentissues/domesticviolenceresources.pdf