Hate Crime = Jail Time in Connecticut?

CT now has the strongest hate crime law in the country!

Let’s face it, we are a country divided.  There are arguments occurring between family, friends, neighbors and let us not forgot our Facebook acquaintances.  While I am someone who tries never to use the word “hate” – the truth of the matter is here in Connecticut, there is a lot of hate occurring every single day.  I just have to pull up my Facebook account and scroll the timeline or God forbid (Jaws theme song playing in the background) I myself make a post that is even somewhat political.  You would not believe the hate, the violence, the ignorance that is spewed during such heated conversations.

While most of us already know that there are penalties for committing a hate-crime, such as deprivation of rights, desecration of property, burning a cross, discriminating in employment and housings, etc.  But up until October 1, 2017, of this year, doing or saying hateful bias actions or statements to another person about their religion, sex or race was considered morally wrong, sometimes being classified as a misdemeanor, but usually did not result in criminal charges.  This however is no longer the case here in Connecticut!  Connecticut has just implemented the strongest hate crime laws in the country.  Connecticut residents will now be held accountable for their words and their actions.  If you threaten, intimidate or act with bias towards another individual, you can now be faced with a 3rd degree felony!  You can read the entire new Connecticut hate crime law here.  So the next time you do not agree with someone, dislike someone or have bias towards another individual because of their race, sex, gender, religion or national origin, you may want to think twice before saying or doing something hateful that could be classified as an act of bigotry or a bias statement that just might have you end up in jail.

Sadly enough, our Legislators indicated that they had to enhance these laws because of the increase in hate crimes that have been directed against African Americans, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, Sikh Americans, transgender women and others.  So with that in mind, I leave you with this “Remember to load your brain before you shoot your mouth off.”  If you find yourself a victim of a hate-crime do not feel like you have nowhere to turn.  Give Employee Rights a call, we can assist you in finding you the help you need!